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Neuroscience Gives Us a Great Tip For Sending Video Emails

neuroscience video email vidyard

I love learning new things. Doubly so when it is backed with some science. Triply so when it is quirky.

A new Neuroscience report arrived this week. It compares our responses between text emails and video emails.

Here's the bit that surprised me.

We get so many emails and we just plough through from an email to the next to the next.

The first finding is that a video in amongst the text emails puts you in a better frame of mind.

Then there was this little pearl...

If you leave room for reflection at the end of your commercial video, it allows people time to reflect upon the message and process the content rather than racing to the next email.

So what's room for reflection mean?

In their tests, they added a short video of tea being stirred gently. It seems that just giving your recipient a brief moment of respite from their inbox repays you with their attention.

I'm going to try this. You can find the report on my site. It's easy and easy, light read.


Read the report yourself...



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