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New Video Professionals are Presenter | Interviewer | Reporter | Storyteller

new video professional
New Video Professionals are Presenter | Interviewer | Reporter | Storyteller with Julian Mather

New Video Professionals are digital polymaths. 

*Polymath is someone who has multiple areas of expertise. Leonardo DaVinci - writer, painter, sculptor, engineer, architect - was one.

New Video Professionals will take on the roles of Presenter | Interviewer | Reporter | Storyteller as they get their message out to customers and clients.

Presenter - getting face to face with your client will make up 95% of all your videos. Video messages, explainer videos, welcome videos that rehumanise your business.

Interviewer - establish yourself as an authority in your field by getting others to do the talking. The new tools make this so easy. A great way to create content for social posts.

Reporter - Show us what’s happening. The new product ranges arrive. The community day is set to go. Let me introduce the new team to you.

Storyteller - Stories are serious business. Tease out simple stories from your people and your business journey and end them with a lesson that adds value.

You’ll be surprised how often you inhabit these four roles. Play with them. Small steps. Quietly publish your videos. Interest will build. Encourage others. Share what you have learned.

If you start building out these new skill sets today and don’t let technology get in your way - yep - use your smartphone, you’ll have a video advantage over your competitors.

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