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No More Memorising Video Scripts. A Roll and B Roll Explained

a roll b roll scripting video

๐Ÿ‘‰Freaked Out About Memorising Video Scripts?๐Ÿ‘ˆ You Need A Roll and B Roll.  I rarely memorise a script. Just don’t have to. Just learn to use A Roll and B Roll. โœ…

Here’s an example of how A Roll & B Roll can help you.  You’ll be making videos like a pro sooner than you think

A Roll and B Roll explained. 

Our problem is how do we record a page of the script without having to memorise it

We start with A Roll and B Roll

A Roll tells the story

B Roll shows the story

A Roll is for the ears

B Roll is for the eyes

Typically A Roll will be someone

in shot speaking and advancing the narrative

A Roll is boring

B Roll, on the other hand shows the story...

this is where we turn the camera around and video the things we are talking about in the A Roll

Look at this example from one of my Shane Mallory. He has put together fundamentals of A Roll B Roll, simple effective lighting, eye contact with the lens, clear diction to create an effective business video. (Shane attended my workshop)


A picture paints a thousand words

B Roll leverages video’s greatest power

The lesson here is always ‘show’ where you can instead of just ‘telling’

but how does this help me not have to memorise this entire script?

well we read the script when no one is looking and wherever you use B Roll to in a sense cover the A Roll

it’s like we are hidden, so we just read the script straight from the paper

but that’s just the first of many ways we use the magic of video in our favour.


You can learn the complete method in Business Video Bootcamp

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