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Reaching Out To Influencers with Julian Mather and Leanne Hughes

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🌟 Exciting News Alert!


🚀 @Leanne Hughes is thrilled to announce that she will be collaborating with the incredible Michael Bungay Stanier later this year!


🎤✨ As one of the top thought leaders in coaching worldwide, this opportunity is truly a dream come true.


🌟 From idolizing him to co-hosting an event together, the journey has been surreal. 😮✨


But here's the real secret behind making dreams a reality: intentionality and taking action.


🌟 Don't just pitch ideas, show that you're serious with a concept.


💡 Take that extra step, reach out, and be one of the few who dares to make things happen.


🚀✉️ Short, impactful messages make all the difference in reaching out – keep it concise and watch the magic unfold.


✨ Let's dare to reach out, connect, and make incredible things happen together! 🙌💬


Just PM Leanne or myself for the event link.


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