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Real Change Is Real Simple

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You need to hear this.


If you want to take change in your stride and do things that you never thought you could do


then stop overcomplicating change


because real change is real simple.


It’s 3 + 2 = 5


There are 5 simple things you have to do.


3 of them NEVER change and 2 of them ALWAYS change



The 3 that never change:


🔸1. You need to be in control. You need to stop blaming people for where you are and take responsibility for where you are going.


🔸2. You need clarity to know what the new game is and what the new rules are because you can’t win a new game playing by old rules


🔸3. You need courage to do a lot of small things you don’t want to do so you can do the big things you want to do.


so being in control, getting clarity and finding courage never change


and the two things that always change?


🔸4. Time. Expect it to take longer than you think.


🔸5. Luck. No matter how clever you think you are luck will usually have the final say.



So what does this look like in daily life? I’ll tell you what I do.


🔸1. I take one minute a day to check in with my values.


🔸2. I commit about half an hour a day to learning something new


🔸3. Once a day I do one thing that makes me a little bit uncomfortable.


🔸4. Then I check how I’m tracking and I don’t care if I’m behind, as long as I’m on track.


🔸5. Last thing I do is cross my fingers and hope it all goes my way.


This is how I do things that I never thought I could do. I’ve shared this with thousands of other people and it's worked for them and I reckon it’ll probably work for you too.


You’ll be able to take change in your stride and the chances are pretty high that you’ll do things you never thought you could do and then you’ll be able to say


I did it!




If we haven’t met yet…


I never considered myself good at change until I went from


-free-range kid to army sniper,

-wannabe photojournalist to winning national video awards

-fumbling card tricks to professional magician

-never swinging a hammer to building a home

-high school dropout to published author

-business illiterate to building & selling a business

-stutterer to motivational speaker


Turns out I know how to change and I know how to make it simple so others can do it too.








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