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Removing Pauses in Videos. Does it Matter

lena sesardic pauses presentation

To pause or not to pause? 

In the race to keep attention and provide value online, cutting out video pauses may work better for you.

I know that in real life if I pause in a conversation, my wife is in quick as a flash. I’m a slow thinker and naturally have long gaps in my speech. Online - specifically on social - time and attention are currency. 

It may take you longer to edit out pauses but that is also a sign of respect to your audience; you respect their time more than yours. That goes a long way to slowly building trust over time.

You should check out how Shay Rowbottom does this. She’s created a new style with it. I think it works really well.

Remember, there’s no ‘correct’ way to make video anymore.

New Video Professionals find what works for them and they do more of it.

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