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Should I Be Making Videos For My Business?

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How do you transform a transaction into an experience?

Look at how bricks and mortar small businesses use video effectively. 


  •  Imagine a dentist seeing an upcoming appointment for a patient that she knows is anxious. The dentist makes a quick fifteen-second video saying it will all go smoothly, there’s nothing to worry about, everything is being done to make you more comfortable.

  •  Imagine a car repairer taking a minute to make a video for a customer: how’s the steering feel? no more wobbles? Let me know if you’ve got any concerns.

  •  Imagine a veterinary surgery sending a pet owner a ‘video report’ on how their beloved pet is going post-surgery. 


Do this consistently, do this genuinely, and people will talk about you, in a good way. 

Your reputation will grow. 

Reputation is the online currency. 

Your KLT: Know Like Trust factor can be greatly enhanced by simple personal video. 

Of course, it can be damaged too. Remember your reputation is no longer what you say it is, it is what Google says it is. 

Be genuine, speak the truth - as you understand it - and your business can benefit handsomely.

Imagine what could you be doing in your role as an online leader.

Speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, trainers, thought leaders; people with something to say need to get video skills so your clients can see you say it. The option is to quickly become invisible to your market.

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