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Should I Be Vulnerable In My Videos


Be vulnerable, be likeable.

Being likeable on video is important. Don’t be unlikeable, or rigid or cold or aloof or pompous.  

Video is very personal. We watch video in our homes. 

We don’t invite strangers in if we don’t like them. 

Building rapport quickly is important. 

A bit of humility, a bit of self-deprecation, a bit of attribution to others with none to yourself. These simple things go a long way on video.

If you do exercise authority and control in your position, video is a great tool to help restore balance to how you are perceived in your work mode. 

Using video to let your team or your customers peek through the crack of the open door, is a useful strategy to connect with people on a more personal level. 

Frankly, it’s good for you too. Connecting with people is good for your heart and your soul.

Barack Obama did this well during his presidency. 

He humanised himself by producing the West Wing Week show. 

He opened his office to the nation. The people got to see Obama family life. 

I’m not suggesting you need to do this weekly - honestly, none of us are interesting as like to think - but a few short videos about things that light you up outside of office hours, and how they energise you, these videos can add to the energy and  purpose of your business.

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