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Should Motivational Speakers Use 3 Point Lighting

3 point lighting keynote speaker motivational speaker

Noooo. Stop! The three-point lighting set-up is not the most effective system. It is just one of many configurations. It has somehow taken on folklore status.

Why use 3 lights when you can use one? One powerful 1000w LED light pointed into a white ceiling is so fast, so forgiving, so easy.

But you say it's not as pretty. It's not moody like a Rembrandt painting.

I built a career lighting video like Rembrandt but I would work for Good Morning America and they would say it's beautiful but it's not what we want. Just make sure we can see every inch of their face. What they are saying is the most important thing.

So if your message is paramount then maybe 3-point lighting might work against you.

Change you or change the world. Which is easier?

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