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The Awkward Truth About Making Social Media Videos

confidence Feb 02, 2022

How important do you think you are?

Asked publicly, we respond 'not very'.

In our private thoughts, we like to think otherwise.

This simple truth stops a lot of people from making videos.

Because deep down, we do think we are important enough that if we make a mistake, people will remember it.

The awkward truth is that people don’t remember us, our videos, and therefore our mistakes. 

Their busy lives are important to them. Buying milk is important. Picking the kids up on time is important to them. Our stumbling over words, our forgetting what to say next doesn’t even register on their radar, yet…

our belief that what we do matters so much, it stops us from helping more people. It sops us playing bigger and better versions of ourselves.

This is the awkward truth about making videos and posting them on social channels that we have to acknowledge if we are to grow.

Thanks, Lena Sesardic for pointing us to this truth.

#video #presentationskills #confidence

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