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The Best Audio Editing Tool For Motivational Speakers

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The best audio editing tool I have ever used cost 99 cents.

Yep. A pencil (or your keyboard) Here's why:

Taking time to write down the first words and rehearse them out loud a few times saves so much wasted time by getting a good first line to my video

Then - MOST IMPORTANTLY - I write out the last words I will say and REHEARSE those so I get what is called ‘mouth feel’

That is I know **exactly** how it feels when I say my last line.

Without this, under the pressure of recording it is so easy to keep talking because you don’t know how to end the video so you keep rambling on and on and on and this takes up so much valuable time to fix in audio editing.

So there you have it: a 99-cent pencil is my favourite audio editing tool

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