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The Problem With Video Is Men

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Do you know what Feb 2009 was?

It was when the Samsung OMNIA first hit the shelves. The first-ever smartphone with a video camera.

It was also the start of not needing an instruction manual to make a video. It was the moment video was democratised. If you wanted, you didn’t have to defer to those with the tools and the knowledge to make videos.

In just ten short years two things have happened


the quality of smartphone video has skyrocketed

4K which is cinema quality is standard on smartphones
they are now shooting Hollywood features on smartphones
8K which is just about IMAX is on the latest smartphones

Second, while quality has gone up

the need for technical know-how has gone down

all the AI and computing power in this thing
means to get a pretty good looking video all you have to do is press RECORD

The problem is if you aren’t aware of just how good smartphone video has become

and you are wanting to start using video for your business
then you are likely to go to Youtube and type in ‘what is best video camera’
and you will be faced with video after video of men doing what men do really well
and that’s talk about technology

Most of this content is really well thought thorough, really well presented and really useful to people wanting to get into video as a profession, as a hobby or as an art form

This is terrible for people just wanting to use video in their business

so whether you’re a small business owner
a communications director
a sales team leader
a recruitment executive
a solopreneur

you didn’t ask for video
it’s been landed on you as yet another imposition

so anyone giving you advice on what’s the best video camera for business
has to have an understanding of and empathy for your situation

they have to be aware
that there’s already anxiety that you have to be on camera and you haven’t done that
and it’s new and it’s the unknown it’s scary… of course it is

then keep in mind you are already stretched with your work
overwhelm… it’s very real today

then in the back of your mind you’re wondering: what next?

so this is why I spend my time focusing on smarter ways

for you to be able to just pick up a smartphone

and hit RECORD when you need to make your business videos.

To all the guys out there right into video… I get it. Don’t stop. Break all the rules. Make more videos. I love what you’re doing.

To those needing to start creating videos for business purposes
and you are feeling stuck
don’t listen to these guys
you don’t need it now
it’s a distraction from the main game
which is for you to pop in front of the lens
and try and help someone solve a problem that you can help them with

Hope this helps.

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