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The Surprise Gift From Making Your Own Business Videos

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When I was a kids entertainer there was a maxim: If you can't get a laugh from a fart joke then you're just not trying. So imagine the belly laughs I got when I made coins come out of kids' ears, elbows, noses and finally their bums. I was dealing in joyous surprise every show I did until...

A boy, maybe six years old, stands and excitedly proclaims, 'please can you make more money. I've only got $2.60.'

The room exploded with laughter

from kids and adults. Of course, kids say the funniest things so I prompted a follow on... why do you want more money?

'Cause I've only got $2.60 and it's not enough to help my mum because she doesn't any money right now'.

I struggled the rest of the show as the mood of the room had changed. But I had also become a better, wiser performer. As was so often the case, the best insights, as well as the funniest lines all, came from the audience.

And it's no different with a video audience.

I post videos on different platforms and every month or so someone responds and gifts me a gem of an idea, or alerts me to my ignorance, or shines a light on one of my many blindspots. I'm far more knowledgable about video since I started talking about it through videos.

What about you?

Are you tapping into a wealth of insight and stories and ideas that your audience will happily gift to you?

Making videos is so much more than you just 'telling others' about what you do and how you can help them, it's starting unlikely conversations with surprising outcomes.

When are you going to get started?

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