The Time For a Business Video Rebellion is Now

Ever been liberated? I have. 

I stuttered in my youth and teens and into my twenties. I hated it. I hated how the ideas in my head would not flow off the tip of my tongue as simple eloquent words.  It took me years but I don’t stutter anymore. I did it myself. I had all the purpose I needed. I simply didn’t want my life governed by something I never chose.

And you never chose to have to add video as yet another business skill you need to master. Leave it unchecked and it will start steering your decisions. You’ll be avoiding it and making excuses and watching opportunities slip by. That hurts. It doesn’t have to.

It’s why I’ve chosen to lead a business video rebellion against the out of date mindset that perpetuates the notion that video needs to be slow, expensive and outsourced to others to create. It’s simply not true. You now win more business with a smartphone and a smile.

Want to rise up? Grab your smartphone and discover a simpler better way to master this essential 2020 skill you never asked for. You’ll feel liberated.

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