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The Video Buy-In Paradox

confidence video buy in paradox
The Video Buy In Paradox by Julian Mather

Pushing people towards video doesn't work. 👎🏻👎🏻 Here's why.

Businesses are coming under the microscope to check that they are generating impact as well as profit. Transparency is key. Telling isn’t enough. You have to show us your values in action. Video is essential to communicate this.

Humans too are essential. We live in a time where we trust people more than brands.

🔘As Matt Desmier 's Evolution of Branding points out, the people behind the product now matter to us as much as the product. So businesses need to showcase their people.

🔘Yet as Matt Church argues in his 4 Levels of Commitment, we are protective of our identity above money, time and effort.

So we find ourselves at this curious crossroad where customers want authentic human videos but authentic humans don’t want to be on video.

👉I call this the Video Buy In Paradox 👈 

Most humans don’t feel safe in front of the camera. There’s just too much at stake. Fears of looking amateur, forgetting what to say and damaging our status stop most humans from being on videos. To add unfamiliar, complex technology only adds to the problem.

What to do?

I advocate starting low tech and high-touch. This is the opposite of many businesses that I work with. They have bought all the gear and wonder why it is sitting in the corner untouched. The irony is you have to take a longer route to get to digital-first faster.
✅Put the cameras away.
✅Listen to your people.
✅Hear them.
✅Reassure them you will not damage their identity.
✅Ease them into this.

You'll all be much happier for doing so.

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