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Throw away your teleprompters. Use NVIDIA Eye Contact. Amazing.

eye contact Jun 05, 2023

Throw away your teleprompters

Now you can read your scripts or notes as you make videos

This is NVIDIA Eye Contact

It is an app that makes your eyes look at the camera lens 
when they are not looking at the lens.

What do you think?

I think it is brilliant. It’s only in Beta. Imagine where this will be in a few years' time.

If you’ve missed me banging on about this, STOP buying video hardware and start putting all your $$ in faster chips, as much RAM as you can handle and SSD drives.

In short, upgrade your laptop or desktop. This is the future of video for persuasive video makers

Right now Eye Contact is PC only.

My prediction is this will be standard across all platforms within a few years. Think captions. Only 2 years ago captions were a hassle. Now they get added automatically on platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn.

Thanks Jon Yeo for being my PC test pilot (I’m Mac)

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