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Video Editing In Real Time. Is That Possible?

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Who wants free video editing?

I was asked to Beta test a new video editing service but I want you to have the opportunity instead.

A tech startup offering AI-driven video editing wants Beta testers. I suggested that The New Video Professionals Club would be a great place to find someone.

Who's interested?

In a nutshell, they'll automagically repurpose your video content while you are still filming. Yep. In real-time. Huh?? What?

Picture this.

You go LIVE into FB or Linkedin or Zoom or Youtube. Maybe it's a webinar you're hosting.

They tap into your session and create a long video + multiple short videos.

All with your branding and colours and titles and music and captions.

It is ready for you to share with the world about 2 hours later.

I want one, possibly two people to use the service, FOR FREE.

You'd also share with our community your experience; good or bad.

If you want to be part of this let me know.

You will need to have a 30-60 minute LIVE or webinar or any real-time production going out via a service they can tap into (almost anything).

It's NOT available if you are recording to your device only.

In return, you end up with content ready to go for free.


Join the New Video Professionals Club

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