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Do You Really Need that Ring Light | Soft Light | 3 Point Lighting? Here’s How To Tell

Illuminating answers to the confusing questions about what video light should I buy?  Save time, save money and feel confident you are buying the right lights for your video and virtual setup

If you are feeling overwhelmed with getting your video lighting set up… you know… you need to improve your video lighting, you’ve Google searched, you’ve asked in online groups and now you feel as though you are deeper in the shadows then before you began; it’s all haze of conflicting information?  

It doesn’t have to be that way. Come to exclusive this training session for speakers

You'll Learn...

  • The right questions to ask about your location before you start
  • What secrets your eyes reveal and the quiet superpower it gives you
  • Soft light vs hard light - prepare to have your assumptions turned upside down
  • Softbox Lighting Kits - pros and cons explained
  • Reasons why using 3 lights may actually stop you making videos
  • LED / Fluorescent /  Halogen - pros and cons
  • To green screen or not to green screen - it’s a fair question


This is NOT a how-to-light-session (though you'll get plenty of that thrown in).

This is a now-I-have-the-knowledge-and-confidence-to-buy-the-right-light-for-me-and-get-back-to doing-what-I-do-best session.

Wed 20th January

11am AEST

(Australian Eastern Standard Time) This is Brisbane, Australia Time.

Limit 100 people. I can only work on a first in basis. 

No recording of this session will be made available ( I will be recording for my own content purposes)

Join in on the day and bring your questions


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