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Video Production Jobs: Do I Need a University Degree?

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What does it take to get a job in video production? Do you need to spend thousands of dollars and a couple of years attending film school?

I argue no.

There might be an argument to attend an elite film school if you are a networker and have the ability and personality and networking skills to leverage the contacts you might make with some established industry players.

Understand that the industry is changing. Fast.

I've been involved in video production for 40 years. I've seen the evolution. I love it. It's exciting. There are so many new opportunities. the problem is so much of the conversation is centred around out-of-date thinking.

That's why I LOVE this video. It points to new opportunities.

It's a ninja, nimble, guerilla attitude and approach. The high cost, the high production value part of the market is shrinking. There will be DIY at one end and blue-chip, cinema-style production at the other. The middle is hollowing out.

Replacing it will be an army of video ninjas using new technology, new ideas. Their driving word will be IMMEDIACY. We need a video for 9am. Another for 11am. Tomorrow will be the same.

We need to make videos in minutes, not months.


If I were getting into video production now, I would devour Youtube, I would take some online courses, I would be going to small local businesses and offering to make a video for them for free. Help them post it online. SEO it up a little. Then when it gets them a customer or a thankyou, suggest you can make some more for them; this time paid.

Then with my armful of videos as proof, I would head to larger businesses and organisations and just knock on the door - with a smile - and say I think I can help you make thousands of more dollars of income. Start making fast nimble videos for them.

There is a role in business that hasn't even been developed yet. It's called the CVO: Chief Video Officer. Are you going to be the first? The door is open wide.

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