Video, Smartphones and The Courage To Change

👉 Do you have the courage to change?👈 

🔘 The Great Resignation has started. Nearly half of the global workforce is considering leaving their jobs for something better. What does it mean to walk away from a job?

I started my career as a serial career reinventionist many decades ago.

👉 I've seen the world through many lenses. Through a telescopic sight as an army sniper. Through the TV lens as a globe-trotting cameraman for ABCTV, National Geographic and BBC. Through smoke and mirrors as a professional magician.

👉 I've travelled far but my longest journeys have been from behind the camera to in front of it. From stutterer to professional speaker. From to polite dip eater to insatiable hummus addict.

I've learned something new about myself through these changes and I think this is a key insight - for me at least - into the ability to change.

❇️ My love of learning is greater than my ego.

I'm willing to relinquish my hard earned status and go back to square one, ground zero, the bottom of the ladder and start all over again because I have discovered I am happiest when I am learning.

It's a struggle at times but so is staying on the daily treadmill. It can be a strain on your relationships but so too someone who is withering away glued to the couch.

💥 The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is an essential skill for the 2020s. 

That's a problem as we are mostly products of a binary education system that says there is a right answer and a wrong answer and we'll keep reprocessing you until you learn the right answer. It's a system geared for teaching rather than learning. 

I don't have a better way to build an education system. I wish I did.

I'm sixty now and I'm dedicating my next ten years to sharing what I have learned to en-courage others to change.

*En - to put onto, to make happen, to facilitate
*Courage - the quality of mind or spirit that enables people to overcome difficulty.

✅ Right now people need the unearth the courage to change. How do you start to love learning again? This is my trick. I step out onto footpath university every day. I go for a walk and listen to a podcast about something I don't know. My every day starts with learning. 365 hours of free education and inspiration every year. This is literally about taking the first step.

✅ Video is about change. Video technology is changing so fast. The ways we consume it change so fast. The pressure on us to all start using it is changing fast too. I think the greatest gift you can give to yourself is not a new camera, it's a smartphone so you can get into a habit of learning and as icing on the cake, make some video too.

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