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Virtual Conference Speaker | Video and Virtual Communication Expert

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This is my virtual speaker showreel for 2021.

If you want help communicating effectively with your people/customers/clients in this challenging world, then I can help you with virtual online conference keynotes and virtual training workshops and masterclasses.

Current Conference Topics I speak to:


Embracing Change and Transformation

forever skills/infinity skills

being unstuck

change ready

evolution not revolution

the changing future of work

quests challenges journeys


Character Ethics Integrity

building trust



Resilience and Reinvention

overcoming rejection

dealing with obstacles


Digital Disruption

digital transformation




Being Real

Self Leadership





video making and digital storytelling

presentation skills


Marketing and Branding

video making


I'd love to hear what would make your event they all talk about. Maybe there is a way we can work together to make that happen.

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