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Want To Know How To Get Free Video Captions


Want to know how to get free video captions?


I’ll show you below…


Do we need video captions?


Well… eye lids are convenient.


🙈Don’t want to look? Just close your eyes.


🙉Don’t want to listen? Not so easy.


In the absence of ear lids we created the mute button for videos.


🔸Half to two thirds* of viewers watch videos with the sound off


🔸For video creators that means captions are a must.


But to date, adding captions has been cumbersome.


Not now. Yay!


🔸My prediction is video captions will be automatic and effortless within 2-3 years.


Here’s a quick primer for you:





You can switch these on or off. 


Think watching Netflix. 


LinkedIn and YouTube will auto generate closed captions for you.




they require a video player with a CC option to see them




If your video is downloaded it will be without captions.





Many apps will offer you this option. 


The captions are generated and become part of the video. Forever.


Regardless of where your video is viewed it will contain captions.


BUT if this video is uploaded to a platform that auto generates captions


then you have captions on top of your captions.


Does this matter?


It’s not ideal but if they can read them clearly then I wouldn’t worry. I don’t.





CapCut is tremendous.


iOS Android Mac PC versions are available.


👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼Select TEXT >Auto captions>Select Language>Create👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼


I just love what this editing app can do.





@Meryl Evans, CPACC (deaf) 

LinkedIn Top Voice in Disability Advocacy 2022


is ‘the authority’ on best practices for captions.


*I don’t print video statistics because I have found most to be inconclusive. I stay across the trends and report this as ‘this is the way the wind is blowing in this area.’


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