Watch How to Make a Video For Your Business in 2 Minutes


Watch me make a business video in 2 minutes.

This short video shows you step by step the process I use to make videos in minutes, not months.

Speed matters now. 

Customers and clients expect that you give them options.

Text and video. Short and long.

To do this, you need frictionless systems.

If it’s not easy, you won’t do it.

I won’t make videos if it’s a hassle.

I made the SMART video acronym to remind myself to keep it


SIMPLE (stop overcomplicating things)

MADE TO MEASURE (for my target audience)

AUTHENTIC (be a real person giving straight answers)

RELEVANT (am I solving someone’s problem?)

TIGHT (say what needs to be said and get off the stage)

This has served me well for years.

Use it.

Hope this helps.


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