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What Does Buttoned-On For Sound Mean In Videos


🤷🏽‍♂️ What does buttoned-on for sound mean?

When should I do it? ... and why?

So imagine, you're filming.

🚗 ✈️ 🛳 🐮 🗣 Maybe a car, plane, a boat, a person talking, a cow mooing

Whenever there is something that makes a noise 

and it enters the video frame




🎥 try to start recording ten seconds early, 

and whenever something exits the frame, 

🎥 try to keep recording for longer. 

The sound before and after you see 'it' is so useful for editors. 

This sound can be added over the preceding or trailing pictures to great effect. 

In life, we hear things coming before we see them. 

We hear things long after they leave our view. 

🎥 So keep recording longer for sound. 

💚 Your video editor will LOVE you

Note: ‘buttoned on’ is film jargon for RECORDING or ‘the camera is rolling’.





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