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What's Different About a Video Training Session with Julian Mather

mauritius toastmasters video training

Uma Bahadoor is a marketing professional based in Mauritius.






On a recent trip I made to his country to present corporate video training and to deliver a keynote talk, I was also invited to present a professional development session for Port Louis Toastmasters called 'Video for 21st Century Toastmasters'.

Uma Bahadoor takes up the story....


I’ve taken many previous courses about using video for my business.

These courses were from people such as TJ Walker (a world-known media trainer and bestselling author) and Alexa Fischer (ex-actress & confidence coach). These courses have been super valuable, but yet I felt something missing.

So, I thought maybe this training would fill in the gaps.

I was right! Julian’s presentation blew me away. This style and energy were out of this world. I’ve got two pieces of training that day. The first one is the training that he delivered, but the second one was how he structured and delivered his presentation.

Choosing to attend turned out to be a smart decision...

Read Uma's full article and the key video takeaways he learned



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