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What’s Stopping You From Making Videos That Matter


It’s funny


We don’t speak up because we are so worried about what others might think about us


Who does she think she is?


Where did he get that idea from?


Why is he even bringing this up?


and this is just for starters.


This stops us from showing up on video


and making videos that matter


videos that will help others


and take away some hurt and pain they are feeling.


This is why I must tell you a home truth




You think that what you say is so important that if your get it even slightly wrong people will be talking about you


about that error you made.


Well here’s the uncomfortable truth…


You’re not that important.


People are so busy with their own lives that you don’t rate a mention.


If you make a mistake


If you speak out of turn


If you get it wrong


No one but you cares.




you have convinced yourself that you are so important that perfection is the only possible path.


You matter.


What you have to say matters.


That you say it perfectly doesn’t matter.


I tell you this because


I once thought I was important too.


When I made the distinction between what I was saying vs the person saying it


That is when I got my wings


and felt liberated to show up in the world.


I hope this helps.



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