What Video Gear Do I Need?


We are living through the Cult of the Amateur. 

Anyone can pick up a camera and get good with it and become an online video guru. 

The creative video makers have much to say that is useful but it’s generally not commercially based.

Your focus is commercial. 

You want to spend your dollars and get a good return on your investment. 

If you do need to outsource your video production, you certainly don’t expect your needs to be held hostage to the wants of video production companies, yet it happens so often.


When a short sharp direct video - that tells your customer precisely what you can do to solve the problem they have - is needed, the last thing your time-poor customer needs is a bloated video.  Yet, this is what happens so often.

Your ego is like putty in video production company hands. 

You will be told sexy opening titles and specially arranged music will make you stand apart from the generic fare. Did you realise you are a really unique and interesting business and you should have a mini-documentary that positions you as leaders in your field. Add in some riel shots using the latest drone cameras to reflect the big picture perspective your business brings. They show you a video that they made for another business.  

You become giddy with excitement.

When you have the premiere viewing, you’ll probably cry at how wonderful you all look. This is a very real emotion. In some way, it is a validation of all the hard work that’s gotten you to this point. Champagne flutes will clink. Smiles. Money well spent… until… you look at the viewing statistics. Nobody is watching. Nobody has time to watch.

What your customer needs is a video for them, but what they end up getting is a video about you. 

Your needs have been held hostage to the needs of the video production company. 

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