Why Bother Getting Good At Making Videos?

Why bother getting good at making videos? 

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼I argue it isn't worth your time.

1️⃣ Video tools are so accessible. Even free tools like smartphones and editing apps create stunning videos if used knowledgeably, and that knowledge is freely available.  

2️⃣ YouTube is better than any film school. 

3️⃣ YouTube lets any serious filmmaker anchor themselves in all the traditional methods while, at the same time, being part of the evolution of filmmaking. 

The point is, video production has been democratised in the past decade. 

4️⃣There is an army of people who can do video production from their bedroom and they’re really good at it. 

5️⃣Visually stunning is the new entry-level. 

6️⃣Video specialists offer their services on gig economy platforms like Fiverr for incredible prices. 

7️⃣Stock libraries that start at $50 a month, can give you all the high definition video, music and graphics you need. 

So why bother. Really. Why bother trying to make videos yourself when others can do it really well for you at a really good price? Unless you want to and you have the time.

I suggest New Video Professionals will take a different route. 

✅ That of APD: the author| presenter |director of their videos. 

✅ No one knows your product or service or customer better than you, so you must be the author of your video message. No one can be as authentic as you. It must be you presenting your videos. 

✅ But you probably can’t make videos. It makes much more sense for you to direct someone else to assemble your videos for you. 

Of course, improve your own video skills and get deeper into video production if that's your thing.  

✅ So traditional video professionals continue to make highly produced videos and New Video Professionals focus on authoring and delivering authentic videos at volume.

✅ For you to do this you need the confidence to author your messages, present your videos and direct others to complete videos for you.

🤷🏽‍♂️ Do you feel this approach would help you start to show up more on video?

Your thoughts?


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