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Why Failing Is Smart

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I thought I was so clever.


I used to put a whistling kettle on my head and run on stage and say ’Sorry I’m late but my car broke down and I had to get here under my own steam.’


The problem was only the lone 104-year-old in the back of the room laughed 🤦‍♂️




But in the 17 years since not one person has mentioned this.




Because it just isn’t important enough. My failure doesn’t matter to anyone but me.


Once you learn to swallow the bitter pill that unless you are on a mission to deflect the asteroid on a collision course with Earth then you aren’t as important as you may think.


Accept this, then failing your way to success is both smart and easy.


Be proud of your failures. They say more positive things about you than you may realise.


Got a failure you’d like to share?






If we haven’t met yet…


I never considered myself good at change until I went from


-free-range kid to army sniper,

-wannabe photojournalist to winning national video awards

-fumbling card tricks to professional magician

-never swinging a hammer to building a home

-high school dropout to published author

-business illiterate to building & selling a business

-stutterer to motivational speaker


Turns out I know how to change and I know how to make it simple so you can do it too.



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