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Why is being comfortable on your videos important?

comfort video set

How much $$$$ are you willing to pay for comfort?

Why is being comfortable on your videos important?

Tom Sligting invited me on his video podcast to talk about adaptability. 


🔆 I had a huge smile on my face watching the opening of his video. 

🔆 How much do you think this interview set costs? (Comment below and we'll see how close you are)

🔆 I knew how it was being done and I knew how little Tom had to spend to create this effect.

🔆 The days of having to pay BIG to play BIG on the small screen are gone.

There will be purists who mention that it lacks certain shadows at certain times and they will point to other production imperfections but they are missing the point.

✅ This is the point: Tom loved this. It makes him feel good. This energy is then telegraphed out of his body and onto the viewer. The viewer feels good. This is the start of a relationship because we like to hang around with people who make us feel good.

You DO NOT have to create a set like this BUT...

✅ YOU MUST feel comfortable in whatever set you choose.

👉 If you don't, you're negative energy is telegraphed to the audience and nothing you can do will stop it.

👉 I learned this as a magician. Audiences smell fear. If you aren't completely relaxed and comfortable then the fear oozes out of your body and audiences either walk or take you down like wolves circle and take down a lame deer.

So like Tom has done here: GET COMFORTABLE. Comfort>Confidence>Audience perception of you

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