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Why the Video Production Paradox Matters to You and Your Business

video production paradox

Are you honest? 

Want to create videos? 

You should know this...

If trust matters to you and your business then the Video Production Paradox matters to you. 

Every business will need a mix of both traditional, professionally made videos and authentic videos typically made in a DIY style. 


👉🏼👉🏼Things have changed. 

1️⃣ Five years ago, all a business needed was a website video and a few product videos. 

2️⃣ The customer demand for fast videos that answer their problems is growing.

3️⃣ Customers are tired of feeling manipulated. They want honest answers from honest people.

4️⃣ In short, we need to be making a truckload of videos these days: FAQs, social, updates, explainers, training, testimonials. 

🤷🏽‍♂️ How are you going to meet this growing demand for authentic video? 

Enter the video production paradox:

🟢 You Might, They Can't 

You might be able to make highly polished professional videos. I don’t know your skillset. All power to you if you can. 

➡️But professional video production houses can’t make authentic videos. 

➡️It’s not in their language. It’s not in their DNA to make videos that don’t look professional. They try. Maybe 1% pull it off. Generally, the harder they try, the worse it gets.

So the paradox is 

👉🏼you might be able to make the videos they can,

👉🏼but they can’t make the videos you can

the kind of genuine authentic videos that customers are asking for. 

You might, they can’t. 

So if they can't, who has to?


That's right—you

Are you video ready?


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