Why You Should Use Video Templates Like Walt Disney


Do you think you will have to make a new video everytime?

Walt Disney didn't.

He didn't because he ran a business and where he could cut costs - within reason - he did.

Scenes in movies became reusable. 

They would literally trace over the top with pencil and tracing paper and change the context. Jungle Book to Robin Hood.

I want making videos for you to be easy. 

If they’re not, you won’t make them. 

The simplest way to start making effective videos is to systematise your process. 

Working with templates is an easy way to start.

I use templates every week: 

the way my videos look

the scripts I use

Here's a super simple script template I rely on often when I'm thinking something and wondering how do I turn that into a short video.

The casual language of this template I find easy to work with. It sort of just flows off the tip of your tongue.


“You know how….”


“In fact …”


So just like Walt Disney used templates to save time and money, I encourage you to use them to.


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