Why You Shouldn’t Lie On Video


If a dumb male can pick up on lies then you’re in trouble. What Dr Paul Eckman the aka The Human Lie Detector taught me about lying on video.

Do not use video for marketing, for sales, communications if you don’t truly believe that what you are saying is beneficial to others. It’ll backfire on you.

✅Humans have really good bulls**t detectors, you are going to smell off and your audience, your customers, your clients are going to sniff that out straight away. 

✅And here's how I know. I worked on a series of documentaries called primal instincts. And on one episode we had dr. Paul Ekman. He was known as the human lie detector. He was the world authority on micro-expressions. These are these give away tell signs that we can't help but give away in between our normal range of expressions. 

Do not use video if you, down here, don't believe that what you've got is of benefit to your customers or clients. 

👉But if you truly believe that what you have will help someone, then you should use video.👈 


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