Will A Low Quality Video Damage Your Status?

✏️What type of pencil does Stephen King use*?

as we get better in our careers
as our reputation increases

it gets harder to make videos

🧸a kid can just jump on and make a video

because no one expects much of them




🔸once your reputation grows

🔸you start censoring yourself

🔸the result is you do nothing


so like asking Stephen King what type of pencil he uses…

we want to know the type of camera a video influencer uses




🔹When we're afraid we want reassurance




✅ let me* reassure you

✅ you can win more business

✅ you can amplify your vision

✅ you can drive your mission

✅ with just a smartphone and a smile


*I’m a world class cameraman and the only camera I own is a smartphone


*inspired by a Seth Godin piece







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