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Will I Be Criticised If I Make Videos


Do you worry about your posts being criticised?


This may help you.


I’m a people pleaser by nature.


Criticism stings me.


OUCH! and then GONE


It didn’t use to.


It used to HURT. Deep.


But something happened to change that.


I had (still have) a YouTube channel


called Julian’s Magician School


It had 140K subscribers and 30 Million views


Every week when I posted about 5% of my viewers


gave me the THUMBS DOWN.


These are my haters.


That’s thousands of people.


For years I internalised this.


What had I done wrong?


and then I came to my senses…


If I had walked into a room of twenty people


and one person didn’t like me


but nineteen did


Wow, how lucky am I to be liked that much


Expand that one room globally


to one planet of people


and that’s the same ratio.


I had to challenge myself…


am I that conceited 


that I think I’m that wonderful


that everyone would fall under my spell.


That’s when I came to my senses.


How lucky am I!







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