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Would You Let A Fake Version Of You Present Your Videos

ai video presentation

Are you good at spotting fakes?

How’d you go?

If you picked at least one then you are right. 

All these people are fake. They don’t exist. AI made them up in about 2 seconds.

Try it yourself (see the link below).

We are entering the age of deep fakes where computer processing can create likenesses that we can’t detect.

On one hand, that’s scary.

On the other, it’s so exciting.

Imagine having your own video avatar that is indistinguishable from the real you.

You type a script and the avatar presents it for you. 

No more getting nervous, doing your hair, fluffing your words, forgetting what to say.

We are no there yet but we are well on the way.


Is this a good thing or not? What do you think?


Create a person that doesn’t exist 



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