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Amplify Your Uniqueness On Video

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Do you struggle to believe that you would be good on video?

The great thing about being yourself is that 

you don’t have to change who you are. 

How refreshing!


Gary Vaynerchuk says the world is stuck in high school. I agree. 

We think there is something wrong with us and spend our time trying to fit in. 

That works counter to what customers and clients are asking for in videos now.

They want a real person who talks straight and gives direct answers.

People want you with all your lumps and bumps and your wrinkles of a life well-lived. 


Video is not the secret sauce— you are.

The pressure on you to be perfect is gone.

When are you going to show up?

Come and join the New Video Professionals Club.

We’d love to have you with us.

It’s a community where frustrated business professionals who curse video learn to love video. 

You'll be in the good company of people like you solving problems like yours.


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