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Do This One Thing To Make You Look So Much More Professional On Video

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I just got off a video link up with a conference organiser about an upcoming speaking event and it's prompted me to make this quick video for other event planners

If someone sent you an email and it was full of typos, spelling and grammar errors and it just looked awful, that's a bad first impression isn't it.

We're fast moving into the video age where quick personal videos will start to replace email more and more. So we all need to lift our game on how we present ourselves on video. First impressions will matter a lot.

So when you have your laptop comfortably on the desk or your smartphone cleverly angled up against the screen of your computer, that may be comfortable for you but is uncomfortable for the person on the other end.

If you're looking down on someone there is an imbalance in the power dynamic. You are sending subliminal messages you are not meaning to send.

And worst of all you are featuring your double chins.

All you need to do to fix this is have a stack of books on hand and you can easily raise your laptop or smartphone camera to eye level. That alone is about 100% improvement of how you look and present.

If you want more simple tips like this you can implement immediately to make you look more professional on video then check out this bunch of videos that are like a mini-course on video presentation for professionals like you.

I look forward to having a good looking video call with you one day.

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