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Do You Feel Like A Video Fraud?

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Ever feel like you’re an impostor?

Do you ever feel like a ‘fraud’? That you’re not competent…

that you’ve got where you have through luck, 

that you have deceived others into thinking you are more intelligent than you are, 

that’s it’s only a matter of time before you’re unmasked as the impostor that you really are.

Then you’re not alone. 

The impostor syndrome affects people at every level. 

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, David Bowie, Serena Williams, Starbucks founder Howard Schulz, Tina Fey, Ariana Huffington, Lady Gaga, First Hispanic Supreme Court Justice in the USA Sonia Sotomayor, Tom Hanks, Richard Branson. 

If you are trying to keep a low profile and slip under the radar,

you are probably feeling alone in the belief that’s it is just you.

It’s not.

If you have been thinking this, then what else have you been thinking 

that is keeping you from turning up on video and helping people

who could really use your help?

Stop denying us.

A great place to start is the New Video Professionals Club. You’re in the good company of people like you solving problems like yours.

Just poke around what I do and you’ll find where to go.

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