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Smartphone Video Accessory Sales Are Always Worth Considering

aldi Dec 05, 2021

Look what I just found

These are worth getting to use now, save for later or just play with

I love Aldi deals like this (sorry to my non-Aussie friends) but keep an eye out for these sorts of sales in your area.

Honestly, it's worth the gamble.

Sometimes this stuff is rubbish and sometimes there are hidden gems.

It doesn't start until Saturday, Dec 11 so I know as much as you do but here are my picks.

The vlogging kit: having a spare tripod and camera clamp is always useful. The microphone could be a toy OR it may well be a lucky accident and it'll work just fine.

The Green Screen: I don't recommend using them generally but that's a steal. The quality is likely crap BUT they don't do much but sit there, so...

The Ring Light: it's not big enough for the main light but for the price, having a spare light and stand on hand when you need it...

Bluetooth Selfie Stick: perfect for travelling. I have two.


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