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There’s a Video Battle-for-Convenience. Are You on the Right Side?

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Here’s a quick quiz to start. One billion hours of Youtube are watched every

A: Year

B: Month

C: Week

Barp!!!!    It’s a trick question.

One billion hours of Youtube is watched every day.

So reports the Wall Street Journal. *1 Welcome to the video age.

For you, the business owner, the business leader, the sole practitioner, the rising noisy chatter about video for business is just another inconvenience that threatens to suck away time and resources you don’t have.

But for your customer, video is a huge convenience.

Even if you allow big margins of statistical error, the rate customers are using their smartphone as part of the buying process- they like to research, get recommendations, shop around - is going up and their demand for this information to be presented as video is going up.

Why do customers prefer video?

It’s very simple. On a smartphone text is small and fingers are big, It’s too fiddly for us to use text. We are a global community that’s addicted to convenience and because typing with two thumbs isn’t as effective as typing with ten fingers; because small text is harder to read, video is simply more convenient, for your customer that is.

So the video battle-for-convenience is on. Customers on one side, smartphones raised high chanting ‘more video’ and the business world on the other side, crouched down behind their shields hoping if they close their eyes all this video inconvenience will go away.

Now more than ever

we have to meet our customers where they are

and they’re on their smartphones. You don’t need statistics to tell you that, you just need to look around.

Which side do want to be on?

If you want to be on your customer’s side, and you want the fastest way to make DIY business videos that connect communicate and convert, then this might be the perfect thing for you Business Video Mastery

*1  In the video I said New York Times. I meant to say WSJ

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