Trim Edit Your Videos and Present Yourself Professionally


How often do you button pushing and faffing around before the video starts? Do you send an email and leave all your typos and spelling errors in?

The most common online video we see on most platforms including Linkedin is confessional videos - that’s where you speak directly to the camera and tell the world what you think - 

and we primarily shoot these on our smartphones and for convenience

- our convenience -

they are often uploaded as a raw unedited video because hey, nobody cares. 

I have no metrics but I certainly think that as we go into 2020 that presenting your professional service in amateur packaging is not the best idea.

Handmade and homemade are not the same thing

Learning to trim edit takes about 30 seconds to learn and about 30 seconds to do.

How to Trim Edit

  1. Record your video as usual.
  2. Open up your picture/video library.
  3. Select the video and tap EDIT.
  4. Touch and drag one of the chevrons at either end and the video clip is highlighted in a coloured box, usually yellow and the short sides of the box become thicker. These ‘thick yellow bars’ are called handles.
  5. Dragging the handles changes the start and endpoints of the clip so now you can get rid of the button-pushing and look more professional.
  6. I would suggest saving this as a  ‘new clip’ because if you mess it up you always have the original to have another go with.


Now you can tap the record button and stand back, focus, smile and start speaking instead of doing the fast start. Same when you finish speaking, smile and look at the ends for two seconds then stop recording. You now have a warm friendly start and finish.

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