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Vertical vs Horizontal Video: A New Twist

covid flat screen tv smartphone

Before you rush to holding your phone vertically for videos you better listen to this latest research coming in….

Covid 19 has forced us to stay at home. Another way of saying that is we are less mobile than we were 6 months ago. That means the icon of mobility, the mobile phone, is getting used less when it comes to consuming video.

In the comfort of your home, the flat-screen TV rules. Research from the top 20 cities in India shows a trend to watching video on the big screen. India has been a mobile-first market. 90% of video consumption was via smartphones.

Apart from the convenience and comfort of a big screen being a drawcard, so too is the price. Smart TVs in India are cheaper than smartphones.

I’m still a long way off switching to vertical video. I’ll continue shooting in widescreen 16x9 aspect ratio and keep my important content in the centre of the screen so these can be repurposed to square videos that work well across most social media platforms.

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