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Which Is Better For Video - DSLR or Smartphone

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Are bigger cameras better?

Some things just aren’t obvious at first glance, as these tables... 

The table on the left is exactly the same size as the table on the right.

I have measured them. You should too to satisfy yourself.

I see the same thing with cameras.

Put a smartphone and a fancy Nancy DSLR side by side and at first glance, the bigger camera looks better.

Consider this…


Photography is at a crossroads. 


One path is optical. 

We’ve made lenses about as clear as we can. We’ve made sensors about as sensitive as we can. We’ve just about reached the limit of how we capture images.

The other path is computational. 

The big advances in video and photography will now be made with computation. 


It’s all about what can computer processing power do to improve the images once we have captured them? This has been happening for some time. Think motion stabilisation and portrait modes on your smartphones. 


The point here is the leaders in this are not Canon and Nikon 

they are Apple and Samsung and Google. 

The consumers' want drives this, and you can already see the migration to smart photography. 

Unless it’s your hobby, if you are thinking of spending a thousand dollars on traditional cameras, I wouldn’t.

Not convinced.

Want to see four short videos shot on iPhones that might very change how you think and feel about your own video future?

Watch here https://www.julianmather.com/can-i-shoot-business-videos-with-an-iphone



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