Make an Animated Map Video Using Mac Keynote


Business Video Bootcamp alumni Monika Liechti wanted to create a video map that showed how her music program was expanding to different countries.

In this video recording from a coaching session with Monika you'll learn a simple solution you can do on Mac Keynote. (I'm sure you could create this on Powerpoint as well. Let me know if you do!)

You could use this idea to illustrate many points in your business videos.

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👉Get Video Smart TV 👈- Ep3 - Business Video template ❇️ First impressions matter ❇️ Free .png images for your videos


Video Breakdown

I breakdown a video I’ve seen during the week, look for a lesson that we can apply to our businesses.


Every Great——- starts ——— with——   template


YOU Turn Permitted

Thinking you suck at video is not a life long sentence


Two immediate things people look for when they are deciding whether to watch your video


connect ability

do you know what you’re talking about

do they like you?

but if...

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Get Video Smart TV - Ep 2 - Smartphone lighting hack ❇️ Make your B&W videos *pop* ❇️ Free Zoom backgrounds


 Ep2 of Get Video Smart TV Smartphone lighting hack Make your B&W videos *pop* Free Zoom backgrounds PLUS Google staff will be working from home for longer. Should you get onboard an up your Virtual | Video | Visual game?


Thanks to:

Kate Billing

Paul Alexander

Maz Farrelly

for your input | suggestions |  speaking out


Get Video Smart TV helps you make SMART videos

Simple Meaningful Authentic Relevant Tight videos

so you give the market what it is asking for.


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Get Video Smart TV - Ep 1 - smartphone video sound FX - smartphone microphone choice - free HD video


Resources mentioned in this episode:



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Better Video Testimonials: Great Answers Are Born From Great Questions


Better Video Testimonials: 

Great Answers Are Born From Great Questions

How come most video testimonials suck?

Video is such a great medium to capture testimonials from your clients. 

They’ve just experienced your magic. Their face exudes excitement; their lips pressed with respect; their head tilted in favour of you. All subtle clues that they are going to say something good about YOU and your service…

and then it all melts away because you ask the wrong question....

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Record Front and Back Smartphone Cameras at the Same Time


How good would it be to record your front and back cameras on your smartphone AT THE SAME TIME?  Well now you can Here’s a quick peek…

How would you use it? Got any ideas? 


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Are You Trying to Be Too Perfect In Your Business Videos


Is perfectionism hurting your videos?

Have you ever heard of the pratfall effect? A pratfall is a comedic cinematic effect where the character falls flat on their bum and everyone starts laughing. It's a very much a slapstick technique. You see it in the old Buster Keaton movies.

Well, there's a psychological effect built around that. It's called the Pratfall Effect, and what it says, if you're a competent person and you make a blunder, then the counter-intuitive effect is that you become...

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The Problem With Video Is Men


Do you know what Feb 2009 was?

It was when the Samsung OMNIA first hit the shelves. The first-ever smartphone with a video camera.

It was also the start of not needing an instruction manual to make a video. It was the moment video was democratised. If you wanted, you didn’t have to defer to those with the tools and the knowledge to make videos.

In just ten short years two things have happened


the quality of smartphone video has skyrocketed

4K which is cinema quality is standard on...

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Convert Association Prospects to Members Using Smartphone Video


Convert Association Prospects to Members Using Smartphone Video

This video runs 7 mins and will show you the process step by step. Below this video you'll find links to some of the free resources.

If you’re an association and you’re not getting a great conversion rate on your prospects becoming members then try this


You need three pieces of technology


  1. Smartphone.. the one you have is perfect…. no cost

  2. A free version of Loom… shoot n share software that...
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Am I Not Pretty Enough to be on Video


Am I Not Pretty Enough for Video? Kasey Chambers posed the question in her 2001 song Not Pretty Enough. Having the right ‘look’ for video is becoming a thing of the past.

In 2020 the key to video presentation skills is authenticity. 

All your lumps and bumps and wrinkles give you credibility.

Own them.

This advice by Herman Munster in 1965 holds true for everyone in business worried about being on video.

We worry about how we look and sound on video.

We worry that we will...

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