How To Script, Shoot, Edit and Caption Your First LinkedIn Video in One Hour at No Cost


If you feel stuck starting using video then today could be the day that all changes. I will guide you through how to script, shoot, edit and caption your first LinkedIn business video in one hour and without you spending a cent.

Really? Yes. It's a case of make hay while the sun shines. A few things have fallen into play at the same time that makes this possible and I argue essential.


1. Understand LinkedIn is handing you an opportunity

LinkedIn wants you to use video. Their algorithms are preferencing video content 3x more than text content. Those who start making video now will get the jump on those that don't.

An essential video we will all need and right now and very few have is a video profile. LinkedIn lets you add video to the top of your profile. 

So jump at this. In the next hour, you can make a one-minute profile video. It's the perfect way for you to break the ice and jump into creating more regular video content that we all need.


2. Pickmee Video...

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How to Make a DIY Smartphone Video Tripod with a Coffee Cup


Quick tip to make business videos on the go... with a double shot of simplicity.

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The Power of Video Follow Up for Your Business


Are you still dragging your feet deciding whether or not you should be using video for your business? This clip from The Speaker Lab Podcast outlines the power of video to build relationships with your potential customers and clients.


Speaker 1: 00:00 I had like six workshop leads that were way stagnant and I would email an email, an email, and I was close to closing the book on some of them. And then someone suggested to me to do video follow-ups, which I have the natural equipment and everything to do. And all of them responded grant, that's awesome. And some of them had been stagnant for six months, but they all said, wow, thank you for taking the time to make such a cute video. We have you in mind for the spring. We were just discussing internally, but it got them to actually give me an update,

Speaker 2: 00:36 any of us to get an email, you can kind of read it and you're like, this is to me. Or is this to everybody? Or is this just copy pasted, you know? But like...

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Are You Camera Shy? Really....?


If you think you're camera shy, then you might want to watch this video. I've guided a lot of people into the video age and so many people come up to me and say, I'm camera shy. You don't understand I'm camera shy. and I say, no you're not. I know what camera shy is because I've worked with people who are clinically camera shy.

There's a woman I've worked with, she has no photos of herself. She has no photos of her mother. She has no photos of her grandmother.

There was something in that side of the family that they refuse to have any images of themselves and that's a clinical condition. I can't help you with that, but 99 out of a hundred people who I work with, you are not camera shy. What you are is visually constipated. You've got everything you need to be on video, but you're so in your head and you take it all so seriously that when you get on camera, it just won't come out.

Here's my prescription

Eat a bran muffin and let it go.

Seriously, a little bit of levity. That's...

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How Much Money Should I Spend on a Microphone


Do you need a microphone to start making videos? Most likely yes. Which one should you get? When we work out your needs that will become clear. Does more expensive mean better? To start making videos the answer is no.

This video (from a podcasting course I once offered) shows how you can take the cheapest of microphones ($50) and using free Audacity sound software turn it into a quality sounding microphone.

I am not suggesting you need to use the microphones described here. I am advocating that you choose carefully whom you take advice from. There is so much noise and misinformation when it comes to all things technical for making your business videos.

This is why I am creating the Get Video Smart community. It's a place for business to go to get fast, clear, knowledgable answers to their business video problems. It's for people making videos for leads, not likes. It's a place for people who need tools, not toys.

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Getting Likes for Videos Just Got Expensive... really expensive

One of the premises of Get Video Smart is to help businesses make videos for 'leads' instead of 'likes.' Chasing likes for your videos, in my opinion, is an unwinnable game. Unless you luck upon an organic moment that is utterly compelling and you happened to video it, then you are relegated to contriving video content in an attempt to go viral. To stand out from the crowd nowadays means you need to be willing to play in an arena with larger players with deep pockets. Well, that game just went up a notch.

Nasa to allow commercial access to the International Space Station, so reports The Guardian.

"This will allow private astronauts to spend up to 30 days in low-Earth orbit and businesses to shoot film and adverts in space."

"The change paves the way for the wealthy to rocket from Earth and spend time aboard the astronaut home and laboratory in space, through trips planned by private enterprise, and for businesses to develop products or shoot film – including adverts...

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What are You Spending Your Video Budget On?


Gary Vaynerchuk published the Thankyou Economy in 2011. This clip from Vaynerchuk Media highlights him talking about customers not wanting to be talked 'at' any longer. Video is so well placed for you to be able to talk 'with' your customer. How are you using your videos? What are you spending your video budget on? Are you spending on glossy videos no one wants?

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How to Steady Your Smartphone Without a Tripod


How do you get a steady eye-level shot when you don't have a tripod?

You place a chair on a table, then you stack whatever is at hand to build up the extra height to your eye level, then you fill a sandwich bag, about two thirds full with rice or lentils or grain. Nest your smartphone in this, adjust the angle and now your hands are free to better illustrate the topic you are talking about.

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How To Look Like An Expert On Video


When you're presenting to a camera you know where to look, at the lens, but where do you look with a smartphone?

In the TV world, it's called looking straight down the barrel, that's how you connect with an audience

Have you ever presented a video using your smartphone? You press RECORD. You start speaking and a few seconds later you have a sudden realisation that you don’t know where the lens of the camera is.

You realise that you are looking at the selfie image. You keep recording and your brow furrows slightly. Then your eyeballs start to visibly dart around and you think to yourself, ‘you know, I’ve never stopped to consider where the camera is on a smartphone when I’m using the selfie mode.’

Now translate that scenario into real life. A face to face interaction. Shifty eyes are not a great way to build relationships. You need to learn to locate and lock. Locate where your camera is on your smartphone. Just Google ‘where are the camera...

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Painters Patchers Thatchers and Business Videos


Who are the Painters Patchers Thatchers and why do you need them in your business videos?

Painters: make up
Patchers: wardrobe
Thatchers: hair

When would you bring them in? Every video you make! because distractions detract from your message.

anytime your audience is distracted they’re not listening to your message. Your message is diluted.

a pimple on your nose
a stain on your jacket
one piece of hair with a mind of its own

these are all small but enough to derail your message

ten seconds and a hand mirror will fix most of your problems.


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