Give Your Customers The Smart Videos They Deserve


Your customers deserve SMART videos: Simple Meaningful Authentic Relevant and Tight. In this short video, I take you along in real time as I make a SMART video for an event where I was a sponsor.

A SMART video has a thousand faces

A SMART video always speaks to your audiences needs and respects their time.

A SMART video is simple, meaningful, authentic, relevant and tight.

I’m going to show you how to make one as it is happening to me right now.

I was a sponsor at the first Australian Intrapreneur Summit. I told the convenor Dr Irena Yashin Shaw that I’d make a SMART video to promote the conference while I’m there. I thought this would be a great opportunity to take you through the process with me.

SMART videos have four stages of planning





Scripting is not writing word for word. Scripting is simply thinking ahead of time. 

SMART videos have one idea per video.  So if my headline is Intrapreneur is not a spelling...

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Take Herman Munster's Advice and You Will be a Better Video Presenter


Have you ever seen a loose thread on your clothing, tried to snap it off, but it won’t snap? You tug harder and the material bunches and you tug harder in response and now the thread mysteriously gets longer. It just keeps coming and you start to see things unravel in front of your eyes and you wish you had never tugged in the first place. Getting Video Smart can be a bit like that.

The barriers we face in making this work are not in the technology. You are literally seconds away from shooting quality video on your smartphone. The barriers are in our mind. Once we start unpacking some of the attitudes and assumptions that block our way to presenting ourselves well on-camera, we might well expose other stuff that we’ve been keeping out of sight. Just like the thread, our comfortable view of ‘how’ the world works might start to unravel a little.

This is a good thing for our businesses as it means we grow sales and customer satisfaction will improve and we will...

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Why is Zooming in Your Videos Is Bad For Business


Smart video habits earn you money. Zooming is not a smart video habit.

Not all video for business is just a shot of you speaking to the camera. Often you will need to get some video of what you are talking about. Maybe it’s a community engagement video of a sausage sizzle that you put on to support the local sports club.

You walk around with your smartphone getting some video, and then you see some kids eating the sausages and you think, that’s a nice shot, so you zoom in …and that right there is your crime.

Don’t zoom.

Do you know why people zoom? Because they can. That’s not a flippant answer. Humans love to play with new technology. It’s novel. This is true for professionals.

The zoom lens was invented in the 1930s but didn’t become readily available until the sixties and seventies. Watch the movie Jaws shot in the 1970s. There are zooms throughout that movie. Compare that with movies from the 1980s and 1990s. Zoom shots in feature films...

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How to Automatically Add Captions To Your Video As You Speak


Do you know about Clips?  iOS app that is a simple video editor, almost too simple really except for one thing.  It makes live captions as you speak. This saves you a number of steps and valuable time. Currently, you mostly upload your video to a transcription service like REV and it may take 20 minutes to an hour to get the caption file back, then you need to import this to your edit program, check for errors, then export your final video. I do this all the time and there is nothing wrong with it. If you have a short message that you want to publish for your customers or your staff, this might be a handy tool to have in your business video tool kit. I am certainly using it more and more.

It’s surprisingly accurate and if it does make a mistake you can edit it as easily as you edit a text message

This is Apple iOS only. I can't find a true Android substitute but this will all be standard fare soon. Please let me know if you know an auto video captioning app for...

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What You Need To Know To Be A Confident Speaker​

I spent three-quarters of my life hiding from speaking publicly and a quarter chasing it. I remember why I hid. It was painful.

I know what its like to be frozen with fear, to feel the blood rush through my temples and start pounding a deafening beat in my ears, to see my mind go into a white fog, to be so frustrated that the words get stuck on the end of my tongue. 

Are you playing the small game?

My fear of speaking my mind, of being laughed at, at being called a fraud made me play a much smaller game than I know that I am capable of. I have no regrets. It was who I was but it is not who I am now.

I've gone from starting life as a stutterer to becoming a professional speaker.

Now I see two groups of people. One represents the old me. The other the new me. They live in two worlds. Within Toastmasters and outside Toastmasters.

Toastmasters has been instrumental in me becoming a good public speaker. I've been there for five years and it's not until now that I am starting to...

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Why So Many People Hate Watching Themselves On Video


Why do you and so many others hate seeing themselves on video? There's a very simple answer to that.

Start with Confirmation Bias

If you think that you're awkward on camera, you'll be looking for evidence of that when you review the footage. You will want to confirm your belief.

The real culprit is the ...

Familiarity Principle

We prefer things we are familiar with. The reverse of this is we don't warm quickly to things we are unfamiliar with. Strangely, you are not as familiar with yourself as you think.

You know when you look in the mirror, and you see yourself? That's not you. That's a mirror image of you and you are the only person in the world who sees this. Everyone else who looks at you sees a different face than the one you see.

Hang on a minute, that shouldn't matter, our faces are symmetrical ... or are they? A very very few people have perfectly symmetrical faces. Like me, most of the world has two distinctly different sides. We are so used to this we don't notice it.


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Why Are You Keeping Your Customers Waiting For Video?


Customers have embraced video. It’s time for business to catch up.

Customers are using new video tech to form tribes of people speaking a truth that resonates and in the process creating record amounts of online traffic AND businesses - who are desperate to create lasting relationships with these customers - have unique staff with authentic stories, each with a smartphone capable of making video and they aren’t using them.


Look at the banks in Australia. Even after the grilling they’ve received at the 2018 Banking Royal Commission commentary suggests they will return to business as normal. (1)

The public won’t cop that, and smaller smarter faster fintechs will jump in and poach customers. They will design simpler, friendlier apps that appeal more to today's buyers.

Come on banks. Lick your finger and hold it up and feel which way the breeze is blowing.

41% of customers cite “experience” as the top reason for opening a...

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Is Video Another Career Hurdle For Women


As if women don't have enough career hurdles. Add video to the list.

I travelled the world for ABC TV for twenty-five years. After filming thousands of people on camera it was clear to me that *'middle aged' women were most hesitant, reticent about being on camera.

After talking with the business world about the need to get better presenting on video it's clear to me that 'middle aged' women are the most hesitant, reticent about being on camera.

This didn't really matter up until now. Now Video is becoming an important business language. I came across a Dove soap ad from 2013. It clearly highlights a social phenomenon that would be familiar to most: women recoiling and hiding their face when they suddenly realise they are being videoed.

What we all feel is very real. I'm in no way discounting that. What I can tell you is there are some simple physics of how we look, how we sound, how we move on camera that most of us don't understand and we are making decisions based upon these...

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Do This One Thing To Make You Look So Much More Professional On Video


I just got off a video link up with a conference organiser about an upcoming speaking event and it's prompted me to make this quick video for other event planners

If someone sent you an email and it was full of typos, spelling and grammar errors and it just looked awful, that's a bad first impression isn't it.

We're fast moving into the video age where quick personal videos will start to replace email more and more. So we all need to lift our game on how we present ourselves on video. First impressions will matter a lot.

So when you have your laptop comfortably on the desk or your smartphone cleverly angled up against the screen of your computer, that may be comfortable for you but is uncomfortable for the person on the other end.

If you're looking down on someone there is an imbalance in the power dynamic. You are sending subliminal messages you are not meaning to send.

And worst of all you are featuring your double chins.

All you need to do to fix this is have a stack of books on...

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Keep This Simple Tool In Your Pocket And Be More Confident When Public Speaking


Do you want something that costs ten cents, you can put in your pocket and it will give you confidence when speaking in front of people?

There’s only one thing worse than singing the wrong note, that’s singing it louder.

People proudly show me their videos for business - and speaking on video is public speaking - and I see the same things over and over again that simply shouldn’t be there. These errors detract from the core message. Ultimately they cost you money.

People would never include these things if they understood some fundamentals like 

  • the purpose of your video
  • the psychology of your audience
  • the mechanics of storytelling

To give you an example of the importance of understanding fundamentals I’m going to show you a great tool that solves the problem of what do I do if things go wrong and I’m just left standing there on stage. This is a fear that stops a lot of people speaking.

This was one of a series of emergency outs that I...

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